The Composition of the WONCA Europe Conference Committee (WECC)

We are delighted to announce the final results for the composition of the WONCA Europe Conference Committee (WECC).

After two rounds, Jose Miguel Bueno Ortiz (Spain) and Elena Klusova (VdGM) will be joining the WECC.


The WECC therefore will consist of:

  1. Bohumil Seifert - Representative from MOs
  2. Jose Miguel Bueno Ortiz - Representative from MOs
  3. Elena Klusova - Representative from WESIGs/Networks
  4. Roar Maagaard - WONCA Europe Executive Board
  5. Harris Lygidakis - WONCA Europe Executive Board

Representatives from the past, present and future conferences will be added in the WECC too.


We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate and thank all candidates for their interest in joining the WECC. It is this very interest in WONCA Europe’s activities and governance that can make our organisation and, by extension, the European family medicine, better and stronger.


Harris Lygidakis

Hon. Secretary