The WONCA Europe Executive Board (WE EB) met in Brussels on Monday, 24 October 2022

The WONCA Europe Executive Board (WE EB) met in Brussels on Monday, 24 October 2022 for a regular live meeting. The meeting was convened for the purpose of preparations for the WONCA Europe 2023 Brussels conference. WE EB had a fruitful meeting with the core PCO Guarant and colleagues from the local HOC (Aurore Girard, Sandor van Bijsterveld, Jacques Vanderstraeten).

The WONCA Europe future plan was discussed. The new triennium plan will be presented in the 2023 council.

WONCA Europe will continue with a series of webinars “updates in primary health care”. WE Talk Sessions will be organized every two months.

The comments from the London Council and task group on the POCUS paper have been incorporated into the document. The revised version will be sent to Council for final comments and endorsement in Brussels.

The task groups on “Desirable qualifications for general practice university posts” and the “Planetary health” continue to work. The final documents will be presented to the Council in Brussels.

Thomas Frese and Mehmet Ungan will represent WONCA Europe in the Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care (ERQCC) initiative.

Aleksander Stepanovic from Slovenia will participate on behalf of WONCA Europe in European Pain Forum – contributing to the research agenda for pain research and the research in the classification in the area of pain for primary care.

Shlomo Vinker, Mehmet Ungan and Andrée Rochfort will represent WONCA Europe in EMA Call: problems or obstacles we see/are aware of access to medicines in primary healthcare systems.

Pavlo Kolesnyk and his colleagues from Ukraine set up an International Family Medicine Clinic in Uzhhorod. Further support for Ukraine was discussed with concrete proposals: online consultations, training for a week (going there).