The World Book of Family Medicine - WONCA Europe Edition 2020

Published on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of WONCA Europe

WONCA Europe Virtual Conference December 2020

“Conceiving of a World Book of Family Medicine is easy. Actually making one is a lot harder.”

That’s how we started the prologue of the World Book in 2015. Now, 5 years later, in dramatic circumstances that are almost equal to a World War, we present you a new edition of the World Book of Family Medicine, the 2020 European Edition. Let’s hope that this goes viral too!

Since WONCA is all about collaboration and inspiration, the main focus of this edition lies on working together, with our partners, the networks. But also talented individuals. They wrote 25 contributions, 1000 words (more or less), 5 Take Home Messages (more or less) and 8 references. Most of the contributors stayed within those limits, but every rule has an exception – as we as family doctors are well aware of.

These dramatic times asked for an Addendum, a focus on a looming problem and the way out. Colleague Radost Assenova made a strong contribution on burn-out and how to prevent it.

Stay safe!

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