WE at the 2024 EU4Health Stakeholders' Conference

Last 19 June 2024 WONCA Europe (WE) member-at-large José M Bueno-Ortiz, WONCA Europe Working Party on Policy Advocacy chair Sara Ares and executive communication officer Raquel Gomez-Bravo took part in the EU4Health Stakeholders' Conference in Brussels and online. It was hosted by the European Commission in Brussels. 


The EU4Health Programme is the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and aims to build a strong European Health Union by supporting legislative and non-legislative Union health priorities. The programme represents an unprecedented level of financial commitment for the Union in health over the period 2021-27

Speakers and participants included a range of stakeholders, including organisations representing patients, civil society, and other parties active in public health and social issues; health professionals and healthcare providers; researchers, academia, and experts' networks; businesses and their associations; and Member States authorities.

It began with the overview of the results of the recent EU4Health stakeholders’ consultation in which WE took part, followed by the implementation of the current work programme and lessons learned

Afterwards four different sessions were devoted to health promotion and disease prevention/ health systems; digital health, cancer and crisis preparedness.

It ended with a brief summary and takeaway