WFDD2022 Messages and Activities from Member Organizations


World Family Doctors Day in Poland in the shadow of the war in Ukraine

After two years of hard work related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Polish family doctors are again confronted with extraordinary challenges. One of the consequences of the war unfolding just beyond our border is the refugee crisis that has hit our country the most. Since the outbreak of the war, the border with Poland has been crossed by over 3 million refugees from Ukraine. Some of them went to other countries in Europe and the world, some after short time decided to return to their homeland, but it is estimated that over 2 million still remain in Poland. Most of them are mainly women with children after the worst imaginable experiences with numerous health problems. The Polish government made it possible for them to use the health care system, and family doctors, as usual, stood in the front line, trying to help them and relieve their suffering. The language barrier, low immunization coverage of children, and the lack of medical documentation are just some of the many and perhaps not the most important problems that we have to deal with. As medical professionals, but also ordinary people sensitive to the immensity of misfortune that has affected our neighbors, Polish family doctors daily provide them with medical help and support in a crisis, encouraging their faith and hope for a better tomorrow.



On May 19, we have a republican conference in Kyrgyzstan dedicated to World Family Doctor Day - 2022. This conference will be held at the KSMA Congress Hall from May 19 to 22. May 19 - the opening of our conference will be attended by a representative of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic, a representative of the WHO Office in Kyrgyzstan, KSMA, KSMIP and PC, heads of the Department of Family Medicine of other universities of our country, as well as we - FGPNA  and Professor Louis Luton. Our Association will cover the topic "Problems of Family Medicine" in the panel discussion "Achievements and Problems of Family Medicine in Kyrgyzstan - 2022". Also, our FGPNA team of the Kyrgyz Republic will support students and residents with a cash prize, who will defend their poster presentations "Family Medicine and Primary Health Care in the Kyrgyz Republic".

On May 21, there will be a Satellite master class on the topic "Team work of a family doctor and a family nurse" for teachers of KSMA and KSMIP and PC.
On May 22, the park will host a sports run dedicated to World Family Doctor Day 2022.
Sincerely, FGPNA of Kyrgyzstan - Altynai.


North Macedonia

Asociation of Family physicians (Zlom SM) will celebrate the World Family doctor day with activities in Central Park in Skopje.

Family physicians will wearing T- shirts with this year's moto

Family Doctors always there to care translate in Macedonian language.

We will determinate BMI index of the random  passers-by and also we will use growth curves for children. With this activities we would like to raise awareness of obesity in population. All the results of this activities will be use for investigation too.

Best regards
Dr Dragan Gjorgjievski
President of Zlom SM
North Macedonia



In Portugal, the Portuguese Association of General and Family Medicine (APMGF) has created an award for best World Family Doctor Day video, inviting all colleagues that work in primary care settings to send their short videos (up to 90 seconds) based on the motto «Always there to care». The best 10 videos will be shared through the Association’s social networks and website and the authors of the winning video will be interviewed and will have the opportunity to showcase their unique view on what family doctors can do – globally and locally – to improve the proximity of healthcare. On May 19, the Portuguese Association will also promote a special session with healthcare providers, union leaders, decision makers and patients, to celebrate and discuss the present and future role of family doctors in the healthcare system and the Portuguese society.