WONCA Awards 2020 and 2021

Fellowship of WONCA

The Fellowship of WONCA is WONCA's most prestigious award. It is awarded to individuals who have rendered outstanding service to the WONCA organization. It is awarded every three years at meetings of the WONCA World Council, but only if a suitably qualified candidate is identified.

Honorary Life Direct Membership Award

Honorary Life Direct Membership is awarded in recognition of contributions to the work of the WONCA Organization and/or to general practice/family medicine on a world basis.
Honorary Life Direct Membership is a category available to recognise significant contributions to WONCA in those instances where the award of Fellow would not be appropriate, but is felt that some recognition should be given. Thus, if a nominee for Fellowship is not recommended by the Nominating and Awards Committee for Fellowship, it may make a recommendation for Honorary Life Direct Membership.

All Fellows and Past Presidents of WONCA receive the award of Honorary Life Direct Membership.

We are honnered to announce the names of the WONCA award winners, from the European region.

WONCA Fellowships for 2020 and 2021

Prof Amanda Howe, UK (2020)
Prof Chris Dowrick, UK (2020)
Prof Garth Manning, UK (2020)
Dr John Wynn Jones, UK (2020)
Dr Kees van Boven,
The Netherlands (2021)


Honorary Life Direct Membership Awardee

Prof Imre Rurik, Hungary (2020)