WONCA Europe Open Meeting 2023

WONCA Europe Open Meeting 2023 tackled the crucial role of face-to-face interactions in general practice amidst the rise of digital healthcare. With the theme "High touch versus high tech: the crucial role of face-to-face general practice in the digital age", the event took place on Thursday, 8 June at the 28th WONCA Europe conference.

Following an introduction by WONCA Europe president Shlomo Vinker, Thomas Frese led the roundtable discussions on the impact from the different points of view of family medicine:

  • Education and training: Adam Windak

  • Equity and resources allocation: Ferdinando Petrazzuoli

  • Current and future research: Radost Asenova

  • Recruiting young doctors and attractiveness: Aaron Poppleton

  • Patient safety and quality of care: Jose M Bueno Ortiz

The meeting aimed to strike a balance between technology and face-to-face care, acknowledging the continued significance of personal interactions in general practice. Open discussions allowed participants to share their thoughts and experiences on the topic, fostering a collaborative atmosphere.