WONCA Europe took part in the meeting of ECO-ASCO Special Network on the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer on 07/12/2022

Jose-M Bueno, on behalf of WONCA Europe, took part in the meeting of the European Cancer Organisation-American Society of Clinical Oncology (ECO-ASCO) Special Network on the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer on 07/12/2022

The ECO Board and ASCO established a Special Network on the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer soon after the war started, now including representatives of over 300 organisations. Its Steering Committee meets every Friday to share the latest updates from within Ukraine and its neighbouring countries. WONCA Europe is an invited stakeholder in this Network.


1.- Welcome and Introduction – Mike Morrissey 

2.- Update from WHO Emergency Committee – Richard Sullivan 

3.- Update on Meeting with Valeriy Zub MP at European Cancer Summit 2022 – Mark Lawler and Norbert Couespel 

ECO-ASCO Special Network: Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer Report of 11 October meeting and subsequent discussions with Steering Committee and European Cancer Summit.  Main points of suggested action:

  • The creation of a central office in Ukraine to help liaison with cancer centres in other countries about continuity of care for Ukrainian cancer patients on the move

  • Packaging and making available education, training and development opportunities for Ukrainian oncology professionals in a more coherent and more fully promoted way

  • Doing more to get real and practical support to the on-the-ground actors in Ukraine handling cancer patient needs

  • A Network of the Directors of Ukraine’s principal cancer centres

  • Fresh efforts to find ways to resolve and alleviate the daily and ever-present problem of chronic shortages in essential medicines and other supplies

  • Exploring how Ukraine’s present efforts on cancer prevention and cancer screening can be supported during this time

  • Boosting support for translation needs, especially for patient documentation

Other points raised during the meeting 

  • Supporting relevant entities in Ukraine (patient organisations, Universities, Cancer Centres) to access relevant EU funding opportunities newly made available as a result of Ukraine’s new status as an EU accession State. 

  • To advocate towards the EU institutions to support targeted and helpful funding calls in the future years that will best assist Ukraine in its present and future challenges in cancer care delivery.

4.- Review of previously circulated slides for discussion on priority areas for action including: 

  • Electricity outages and need for generators to power hospital equipment 

  • Brachytherapy issues 

  • Drug shortages, including targeted therapies 

  • European Cancer Community to provide support to the Ministry of Health Working group 

  • Support and training for oncological workforce 

  • Delegation to Ukraine from the ECO-ASCO Special Network 

  • Funding refugees treatment in Moldova 

5.- Policy recommendations and EU funding opportunities to support Ukraine – Richard Price 

6.- Cancer after the war: short-term and long-term consequences for Ukraine and the countries of the European Union - Professor Olexiy Kovalyov 

7.- Concluding Remarks – Mike Morrissey

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