WONCA Europe WP on Policy Advocacy Newsletter - November 2023

Group Highlights:

  • Engagement in the Rural Policy Forum:

This September, Dr. Veronika Rasic represented EURIPA at the EU Rural Pact's High-level Rural Policy Forum . The forum, established under the Long-term Vision for Rural Areas in Europe, facilitates collaboration among stakeholders at various levels. Dr. Rasic's interaction with EU Parliament Advisors offered invaluable insights into effective communication and lobbying with MEPs, paving the way for new connections with MEPs interested in rural health.

Podcast Feature: Listen to Dr. Rasic on the Rural Road to Health podcast for more details 


  •  EURIPA's Rural Health Forum and Collaborations:

Our recent Rural Health Forum in Romania was a great success . Patricia Martinez Saez from the Rural Pact Coordination team shared insights during EURIPA's AGM. Excitingly, this has led to a joint webinar in collaboration. Additionally, a new policy document for developing rural areas in Europe has been published.


Mark your calendars for November 30th for the "Enhancing access to health services in rural areas" webinar, jointly hosted with the Rural Pact, WHO, and OECD.


  • Involvement in BGPSRE:

Dr. Sara Ares-Blanco's presentation at the BGPSRE annual meeting in Bulgaria on Health Policies and Advocacy in Family Medicine was well-received, with nearly 70 family doctors in attendance ‍️‍️. We're eager to further our work in the region.

  •  Engagement at the Astana WHO Conference:

Our virtual attendees at the WHO Primary Care Conference in Astana benefited from Dr. Zalika Klemenc Ketis' representation of WONCA Europe . Access her comprehensive reports here:

Primary Health Care Policy and Practice 

WONCA Europe at WHO Regional Committee 


Past Conferences and Online Content:

Autumn has been bustling with conferences . Notable ones include:

 Mark Your Calendars:


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Executive Board of the WE Working Party on Policy Advocacy