WONCA Rio 2016 Reflections from Dr Radost Asenova

I would like to share with you some of my reflections on the time spent at WONCA meeting in Rio, 2016.

First, I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to participate in the WONCA World Conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Undoubtedly, General Practice is a clinical, academic and scientific discipline offering boundless challenges.  The professional development of GPs is often a string of decisions at a crossroads. One such decision connected me with the family of WONCA and took me to Rio, where I had the chance to hear, share and spread knowledge about the latest developments in science and practice. Not less important for me is the fact that the participants in the meeting got inspiration for future projects as well as strong impetus towards further achievements in their field.

I also highly appreciate the huge amount of work put in the organization and realization of this great event. The activities planned by WONCA Organizing and Scientific Committees proved extremely useful and thought-provoking. The workshops and presentations have definitely enriched my professional thinking and attitude.

Last but not least, the meeting gave me the unique chance to get familiar with the peculiarities,  problems and achievements in the field of Family Medicine shared by GPs  from different regions and countries.  All this helped me penetrate deeper into the challenges which GPs experience as family doctors. Besides, the plenary sessions reinforced my scientific and research interest after hearing the presentations of the keynote speakers. The topics discussed at the sessions were close to my doctor’s practice and I felt really involved in my colleagues’ efforts to find new successful ways of solving complex health problems. 

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the meeting was supported by thousands of GPs, many of whom young colleagues. This fact fills me with optimism and gives me stimulus to work even harder for the prosperity of General Practice in my country Bulgaria.


Thank you once again for your choosing me to be part of this great community!


With my greatest respect,

Radost Asenova