WONCA tree reprint requests

WONCA tree reprint requests


WONCA tree in graphic way nicely depicts and illustrates the wording of European definition of general practice. WONCA tree was incorporated in the official WONCA Europe publication of European definition of general practice with the permission of the copyright owner for that particular edition. Any new publicising of the WONCA tree in any publication therefore should be granted by the copyright owner.


WONCA Europe does not hold the copyright ownership of WONCA tree. The author of the WONCA tree is Ueli Grueninger, M.D., Swiss College of Primary Care Medicine, Landhausweg 26, CH-3007 Bern /Switzerland, who is personally also its copyright owner. He grants reprint requests for scientific and professional publications and also keeps a record of the dissemination of the WONCA tree.


To get permission for the copyright to use WONCA tree in any publicised materials author(s) of such publication are kindly asked to write to Ueli Grueninger, M.D., Landhausweg 26, CH-3007 Bern /Switzerland, Phone direct +41 31 370 06 71 (secretary +41 31 370 06 70) Fax +41 31 370 06 79, E-Mail <ueli.grueninger@hin.ch> and a copy of the request to the below address of WONCA Europe Secretariat.


Honorary Secretary WONCA Europe

Professor Janko Kersnik, MD, MSc, PhD