Past Webinar Recordings

You may find recordings of past webinars that was organized by Wonca Europe. You may view them by logging into your Wonca Europe account.

You can also listen to these recordings as a Podcast on Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Podcasts or on Anchor.

Intro to Lifestyle as Medicine

Recorded 24 August 2023 hosted by Dr Lilach Malatskey featuring Dr Charlotte Salter, Dr Tehila Mazal and Miriam Maisel with welcome messages from Prof Dr Shlomo Vinker, Dr Fraser Quin.

Prevention in the elderly with a special focus on vaccination

Recorded 27 July 2023 featuring Dr Tom Axelrod and Dr Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (Moderator)

From Vaccination Hesitancy to Health - Bridging the Gap.

Recorded 13 July 2023 featuring Prof. Dorit Nitzan and Dr Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (Moderator)

Controversy in Cancer Screening: Lung Cancer

Recorded 13 April 2023 featuring Prof. Jan van Meerbeeck, Dr. Carlos Martins and Prof. Shlomo Vinker (Moderator).

Controversies in cancer screening: Gastric Cancer

Recorded 28 March 2023 featuring Prof. Marcis Leja, Prof. Juan Mendive and Prof. Mehmet Ungan (Moderator).

Also available in French, German and Spanish.

Controversies in cancer screening: Prostate Cancer

Recorded 22 March 2023 featuring Prof. Hendrik Van Poppel, Prof. John Brandt Brodersen and Prof. Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (Moderator).

Herpes zoster (shingles) - Why should we make the effort to prevent it, and how?

Recorded 20 December 2022 featuring Dr David Shasha and Dr Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (Moderator).

Vaccination in adults: challenge across European countries.

Recorded 30 November 2022 featuring Dr Gindrovel Dumitra and Dr Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (Moderator).

Prevention, diagnosis, treatment and following Heart Failure

Recorded 5 November 2021 featuring Prof. Sadi Gulec, Prof. Prof. Richard Hobbs and Prof Mehmet Ungan (Moderator).

Improving the early identification and treatment of patients with chronic kidney disease

Recorded 26 August 2021 featuring Prof. Paola Fioretto, Assoc. Prof. Bohumil Seifert and Prof Thomas Frese (Moderator).

The Heart and the Kidney – new game players in Type 2 Diabetes

Recorded 28 May 2021 featuring Prof. Chantal Mathieu, Dr. Baruch Itzhak and Prof. Josep M. Vilaseca (Moderator).

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