IHS-WONCA Europe Collaborative Educational Course Introduction Video

An introduction to the online course created by IHS and WONCA Europe to increase awareness of headaches and related disorders among family physicians. You will meet IHS President Rami Burstein, WONCA Europe President Shlomo Vinker, IHS President-elect Mario Peres, WONCA Europe representative Mehm...

2024 Public

Periodontitis & Family Doctors

Doctors, please inform your patients about the risk of poor oral health. Family doctors play a vital role in promoting oral health. Learn more at efp.org #EFPerio #health #gumhealth #familydoctors #periofamilydoctors Oral health providers play a vital role in promoting ...

2024 Public

May 19th, 2020: Happy Family Doctors Day!

A video message from the WONCA Europe executive board congratulating the family doctors day.

2020 Public

The Family Doctor Is There - WONCA Europe

Let’s promote the diversity of the European family medicine! This video is a result of a joint effort among the Norwegian College of General Practice, UEMO and WONCA Europe. Our goal is to attain universal coverage of family doctors. A prerequisite for that, is to communicate what we can of...

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