The Academy for Science and Continuing Education in Diabetes and Obesity (ASCEND)

ASCEND (Academy for Science and Continuing Education in Diabetes and Obesity) E- learning Portal is a learning programme to support general practitioners/family physicians to improve patient outcomes through interactive knowledge- and skills-based learning.

The ASCEND portal includes over 20 hours of learning in English, Spanish, French and German and is accredited by EACCME.

The content in the portal is highly structured, consisting of videos and short modules which are easily navigated and enables the user to complete the course at their own pace and convenience. There are clear learning objectives in a goal-orientated approach. The content has been designed to be accessible for the learner with extensive use of visuals and reference to clinical practice. A variety of formats has been used including podcasts, downloadable resources, and interactive elements. Not only do these encourage engagement of the user but they also facilitate learning through reiteration and active participation in tasks.


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