Practical Tips for Obesity Management comprehensive care beyond pharmacotherapy.

This webinar co-hosted by EASO and The World Organisation of National Colleges, Academies, and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/ Family Physicians (WONCA Europe) provides medical professionals across disciplines with insight into multidisciplinary options for obesity management beyond pharmacotherapy.

Chairs: Shlomo Vinker (President Elect of WONCA Europe) & Paolo Sbraccia (EASO Treasurer)

Speakers: Susie Birney (European Coalition for People Living with Obesity) on “patient journey”; Dror Dicker (Co-Chair of EASO ’s Obesity Management Task Force) on “obesity management targets for 2023”; Özden Gökdemir (Family Practitioner, Izmir University of Economics/Faculty of Medicine) on “weight loss maintenance”

EASO and partner organisations urge all to use people first language and non-stigmatising imagery to tackle discrimination in obesity.