WONCA Europe Launches Free Online Course on Early Chronic Kidney Disease Detection

WONCA Europe is pleased to announce a new free online course designed to empower primary care physicians (PCPs) in the early detection and management of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Launching on June 10th, 2024, "Early Chronic Kidney Disease Detection: A Guide for Primary Care Physicians" offers a comprehensive learning experience for PCPs.

The interactive course consists of four modules, each featuring a 10-minute lecture, complementary resources, and pre- and post-module tests. By participating, PCPs will gain a deeper understanding of CKD, including its epidemiology, associated cardiovascular risks, and the importance of early detection in high-risk patients. The course also aims to improve recognition and diagnosis of CKD, and encourage proactive management in patients with multiple comorbidities.

This free educational initiative is suitable for general practitioners, other PCPs, and any healthcare professional interested in CKD. Those who complete all modules and pass the post-module tests will receive a certificate of participation.

Please visit https://www.woncaeurope.org/courses to access the course. Simply login with your WONCA Europe account and click enroll.