WE Talk with Assoc Prof Maria Pilar Astier Peña, recording from 9 Nov 2021

WONCA Europe introduces "WE Talk", a short talk-show-like programme where a person of interest is interviewed. Dr Mehmet Ungan will be the host of the show.

Our third guest is Dr Maria Pilar Astier Peña. She is a Spanish Family and Community Medicine Specialist and a Preventive Medicine and Public Health Specialist too from Spain. She belongs to SEMFYC (Spanish Society for Family and Community Medicine) and is the chair of the patient safety working party of SEMFYC.

She is now applying to become a member at large of WONCA, with a special interest in the position of WHO liaison.Her main research topics are Patient Safety in Primary Care and Clinical Reasoning Improving tools.

This recording is from 9 Nov 2021

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