WONCA Europe Newsletter Summer 2021

WONCA Europe Newsletter
Summer 2021

Dear members of WONCA Europe,

The summer vacations are ending. WONCA Europe is looking back to a successful meeting in July which was organised by the Dutch College of General Practitioners. The second webinar of WONCA Europe took place a few days ago. Attendees from all over Europe were online and had fruitful discussions about improved early detection and treatment of patients with chronic kidney disease.

Actually COVID-19 cases are increasing in most regions of Europe and reminded us that the crisis is not over. But this should also motivate us and other stakeholders to use the tools we have to fight the pandemic and to use it with force, decisiveness, and wisdom. The harm from a too low vaccination rate can already be expected to be huge in some countries.

The activities of WONCA Europe and its Executive Board will focus on conducting more webinars, a physical meeting of the Executive Board and an informal online meeting of the council. The preparation for the next conference in London has already started and provides a positive perspective.

With the best wishes,

On behalf of WONCA Europe Executive Board
Thomas Frese, President-elect
Sonia Tsukagoshi, VdGM, Member at large
WONCA Europe Newsletter Editors

The WONCA Europe president’s corner

Dear WONCA Europe members,

We are a short time after our 2nd WONCA Europe virtual conference. Our committees evaluate the conference and its various components, and we will share their report with you. It seems that meetings will stay virtual for a while and we have to look for new and innovative ways to attract more family doctors to attend our virtual conferences. In the right format, it could be an opportunity for a new audience to join our educational and scientific activities. Overtaking the barriers of travel and costs and having the chance to enter more sessions, as all sessions are recorded and available for extended periods...

Professor Shlomo Vinker
WONCA Europe President

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Upcoming Events

10th EURIPA Rural Health Forum
23 - 25 September 2021 - Siedlce, Poland & Hybrid

EURACT Autumn Symposium
13 October 2021 - Online

93rd EGPRN Meeting
14 - 17 October 2021 - Halle, Germany

Leonardo EURACT course level 2 for trainers in Family Medicine
3 - 5 November 2021 - Online


Past Webinar recordings available on the website

The recordings of the second Wonca Europe webinar part of the series on managing the cardiorenal risk in patients with and without type 2 diabetes is now available on the Wonca Europe website. You may view the recording by logging into your Wonca Europe account. The webinar was a success with over 130 attendees. The attendees had the oppurtunity to ask their questions to the presenters.

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Protein awareness in older age - Recent scientific evidence

Protein malnutrition is a severe problem among older adults living at home in Europe. According to the European Food Safety Authority, older persons need 0.83g protein/kg body weight/day. More than a quarter of older persons do not meet this recommendation. Inadequate protein intake can accelerate the decline in muscle mass and strength and have a negative effect on the immune...

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Lung health in LMICs: tackling challenges ahead

by Ee Ming Khoo, Donald Li, Mehmet Ungan, Rachel Jordan, Hilary Pinnock

We welcome Jamilah Meghji and colleagues' Review about improving lung health in low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs), and we are particularly encouraged by the focus on the frequently neglected field of chronic respiratory diseases...

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Dr Vikesh Sharma - WONCA Europe 5 Star Doctor 2021

WONCA Europe is proud to announce the winner of the WONCA Europe Award of Excellence in Health Care: The 5-Star Doctor 2021: Dr. Vikesh Sharma from the UK. Dr. Sharma will be one of the European candidates for the WONCA World 5-Star Doctor Award of 2021 in November. The WONCA Europe 5 Star Doctor Award 2021 was presented at the WONCA Europe Virtual Conference, 7 – 10 July 2021...

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If you missed: Registration and access to Wonca Europe 2021 still open.

If you missed Wonca Europe 2021 between July 6-10 you can still register and have access to great content on COVID-19, CVD risk management, respiratory diseases, cancer and elderly care and other topics. Check it out at your own convenience and earn up to 20 CME credits!


Human resource management and vaccination strategies in primary care in Europe during COVID-19 pandemic

Our colleagues from semFYC would like to share with you their recent publication. This article describes the management of human resource and the vaccination strategies in primary care in twelve European countries in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. All the countries have found solutions to increase their workforce in primary care...

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Survey on General Practitioners' perceptions of pain and pain education

The European Pain Federation EFIC is a multidisciplinary scientific society representing clinicians and researchers in the fields of pain management and pain science. They are currently making efforts to try to involve General Practitioners more in their activities and aim to provide materials that are helpful for them....

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Information about a just published book: Mastering the Medical Consultation: A Systemic, Solution-Oriented Process

Modern medicine and healthcare systems are in crisis.  In the last fifty years, medicine has gained deep, scientific insights into the biological basis of health and disease, and while this has led to many successes, it has brought about a dramatic change of medical focus. ...

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