WONCA Europe Newsletter November 2021

WONCA Europe Newsletter
November 2021

Dear members of WONCA Europe,

Some WONCA Europe activities were successfully completed during the last weeks: Our first series of webinars was completed and we decided to continue with the format. The next webinars will be announced soon. WONCA Europe had a very fruitful and constructive, but informal, online council meeting. It left all participants updated looking forward to the next physical council meeting and conference in London. WONCA Europe Executive Board is actively engaged in preparing the London conference - don't forget to submit your abstracts until January 17th!

The WONCA World activities were accompanied and supported with the 'WEtalk' format - it provided the possibility to our members to be informed about coming leaders in WONCA World by direct exchange after a short introduction of the respective candidate.

Not least, the decision of the WONCA World Council to hold the WONCA World Meeting 2025 at Lisbon, Portugal,  and to have it hosted by WONCA Europe, is a great success for our society.

We hope that the good news from WONCA Europe will help you to stay optimistic during the coming weeks!

All the best wishes on behalf of the Executive Board!

On behalf of WONCA Europe Executive Board
Thomas Frese, President-elect
Sonia Tsukagoshi, VdGM, Member at large
WONCA Europe Newsletter Editors

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The WONCA Europe president’s corner

Dear colleagues,

I am writing my corner after our successful informal council meeting that took place on the 11th of November by Zoom. In this meeting we had 31 delegates from 28 countries and 35 observers from our networks, special interest groups, member organizations, the editor of our journal, and WONCA World leaders.

We had an opportunity, after two years, to meet each other, although by Zoom, and to update the council on the various activities in family medicine in Europe. Our activity did not stop during the COVID-19 pandemic, just continued in other ways like webinars, virtual conferences and meetings, social media communications and newsletters like this one.

I will take the opportunity to ask you to continue your activities and to use the WONCA Europe website and newsletter to share with each other your achievements.


Professor Shlomo Vinker
WONCA Europe President

Upcoming Events

7th VdGM Forum
28-29 January 2022, Edinburgh, Scotland

94th EGPRN Meeting
12-15 May 2022, ─░stanbul, Turkey

16th International Primary Care Diabetes Europe (PCDE) Conference 2022
26-28 May 2022, Barcelona, Spain

27th WONCA Europe Conference
28 June - 1 July 2022, London, UK


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You may send your events and news pieces directly to our website by logging into your Wonca Europe account. Please send other materials, such as interesting stories and reflections, to SecretariatEurope@wonca.net for our upcoming editions. We ask you to send the newsletter to all your colleagues and to share it on your website / Facebook / Twitter homepage.