WONCA Europe Newsletter January 2023

WONCA Europe Newsletter
January 2023


It is a pleasure to share with you the January issue of our newsletter

You may find out about our Networks and Special Interest Groups activities, including Lifestyle Medicine SIG declaration of cooperation with European Lifestyle Medicine Council and its free Online Lifestyle Medicine course.

Furthermore, you may learn more about WONCA Europe Executive Board activities through our last virtual monthly meeting summary.

In addition, this edition features Integrated brief interventions for noncommunicable disease risk factors in primary care: the manual: BRIEF project to which WE president has contributed.

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On behalf of WONCA Europe Executive Board
Thomas Frese, President-elect
Jose M Bueno, EQuiP Member at large
WONCA Europe Newsletter Editors


A summary of the January EB meeting

The WONCA Europe Executive Board (EB) had a productive online meeting on January 9, 2023. EB and task groups are finalizing several documents. The final documents will be presented to the Council in Brussels. WONCA Europe will continue with...

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BRIEF Project

Brief interventions can reduce the #NCD burden. But health care professionals need a system that makes it easy and natural for them to discuss #NCD risks with their...

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Scale up your practice with a free Online Lifestyle Medicine course

Lifestyle Medicine is a medical specialty within conventional Western Medicine that uses therapeutic lifestyle interventions as a primary modality to treat chronic conditions.  As described in the 2010 position paper1, there is a need...

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Rural WONCA Calendar 2023

Click here to view Rural WONCA Calendar  2023.

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Shlomo Vinker to give a keynote in the 40th Meeting of the Portuguese Association of General Practice and Family Medicine National Meeting

Shlomo Vinker, President of WONCA Europe – “These are challenging times for Family Medicine” The 40th National FGM Meeting will feature a special session dedicated to the anticipation of the WONCA World Conference in 2025, which...

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WONCA Europe Lifestyle Medicine SIG declare cooperation with European Lifestyle Medicine Council

Lifestyle medicine has evolved and developed during the last decade concurrently with the dramatic rise in the prevalence of chronic diseases that can be avoided or managed with the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.  Lifestyle medicine...

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Upcoming Events

EUROPREV e-learning webinars 2023 - Module 2
15 February 2023, Virtual

Online Workshop: How to understand and do literature reviews.
1 March 2023, Virtual

The Leonardo EURACT Level 1 Course
30 March - 1 April 2023, Malta

2023 European Forum on Prevention and Primary Care
17-18 April 2023, Porto, Portugal

96th EGPRN Meeting
11-14 May 2023, Split, Croatia

28th WONCA Europe Conference
7-10 June 2023, SQUARE Convention Centre, Brussels, Belgium


Do you want to participate in this year's WONCA Europe conference, but cannot afford the participation from an economic point of view?

If you see dificulties to come to the conference, you can try to ask universities to support you. Universities around the world have special programs thanks to which they can financially support students to develop and participate in scientific conferences.

Do not hesitate to ask around.

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