WONCA Europe Newsletter March 2022

WONCA Europe Newsletter
March 2022

Dear colleagues,

It is springtime, the COVID-19 is in a way something that we learned to live with and we are in preparations for our first face to face conference and council meeting in London after three years. We could have considered ourselves happy and ready to go back to normal life. But, a month ago, everything had changed dramatically for Europe and for the entire world. We are facing a war in Europe, after the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine. Thousands of wounded and dead, millions of refugees and displaced and millions with psychological trauma that will stay with them for their entire life.

We as WONCA Europe are supporting our colleagues in Ukraine and in the surrounding countries and the volunteers from all around the world that came to give a hand. We are calling our members to help, everyone in the way he or she chooses and we will continue to inform you on projects that WONCA Europe is leading.

We all wish for an end for this war and rapid return to normal life and rehabilitation.


Professor Shlomo Vinker, WONCA Europe President
Professor Thomas Frese, President-elect

Supporting Medicine In Ukraine

We have put together some resources on how to support the medical situation in Ukraine...

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Upcoming Events

27th WONCA Europe Conference
28 June - 1 July 2022, London, UK

Spring 2022 EURACT Council Meeting
5-8 May 2022, Copenhagen, Denmark

94th EGPRN Meeting
12-15 May 2022, ─░stanbul, Turkey

VdGM Preconference 2022
27-28 June 2022, London, UK

11th EURIPA Rural Health Forum
6-8 October 2022, Sicily, Italy

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European Kidney Health Alliance & WONCA Europe - Questionnaire about screening for chronic kidney disease (CKD)

Dear Colleague, Do you know that 100 million people suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Europe? It will become the fifth leading cause of death globally by 2040. Ageing, poor diet, smoking, physical inactivity, obesity and excess salt...

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A Practical Guide to Obesity Management: Webinar for European GPs

On World Obesity Day on 4th March, the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), in conjunction with the European Association for Study of Obesity, EASO, held a webinar for General Practitioners and other healthcare professionals on Practical...

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Vasco da Gama Junior Researcher Award 2022

Vasco da Gama Junior Researcher Award 2022 The Vasco da Gama Movement wants to encourage New and Future General Practitioners/Family Physicians (GP/FM) to develop their research skills to improve health care in primary care. For this reason,...

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Support Letters From Member Organizations

Please find below support letters to Ukraine from our Member Organizations. From: Czech Society of General Practice to WONCA EUROPE committee members WONCA EUROPE member organizations 28 February 2022 Czech Society of General Practice...

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Up to 16 scientific, university, and clinical organizations from 8 European countries (Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Greece, Denmark, and Norway), are participating in a European...

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