WONCA Europe Newsletter, May 2023, Happy World Family Doctor day!

WONCA Europe Newsletter
May 2023


It is a pleasure to share with you the May issue of our newsletter.

You may find out about our Networks and Special Interest Groups activities, including 2023 European Forum on Prevention and Primary Care, and the launch of two new web pages: EQUIP and lifestyle medicine

Those who missed our WEBINAR series “Controversy over Cancer Screening” may find recordings of the entire series on our Website.

Furthermore, you may learn more about WONCA Europe Executive Board activities through our last virtual monthly meeting summary.

In addition, this edition features WONCA Europe support to the Rural Family Doctors' Association of Latvia

We would like to invite you to attend WONCA Europe Open Meeting: "High touch versus high tech: the crucial role of face-to-face general practice in the digital age", on Thursday, 8 June, from 11.15 to 12.30 at the 28th WONCA Europe conference.

And do not forget to celebrate the World Family Doctor Day (#WFDD), on MAY 19, joining the campaign FAMILY DOCTORS: THE HEART OF HEALTHCARE

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On behalf of WONCA Europe Executive Board
Thomas Frese, President-elect
Jose M Bueno, EQuiP Member at large
WONCA Europe Newsletter Editors

The WONCA Europe president’s corner

Dear family doctors of the Europe region, dear friends,

It is with great pleasure and admiration that I extend my warmest greetings to each and every one of you, the dedicated caregivers who form the backbone of healthcare in our region. As the President of the WONCA Europe, I am privileged to represent your unwavering commitment and contributions to the well-being of our communities.

Today, we celebrate being "The Heart of Healthcare". This theme encapsulates the invaluable role we play as the primary point of contact for individuals and families in their healthcare journeys. Just like the heart is essential to sustaining life, you are the beating heart of our healthcare systems, providing vital and holistic care to patients of all ages, from birth to the golden years.

As family doctors, you embody compassion, empathy, and expertise, offering comprehensive healthcare services that extend beyond mere medical treatments. You are the trusted confidants who listen attentively, diagnose meticulously, and offer guidance and support with unwavering dedication. You ensure the continuity of care, creating relationships with patients and their families that go beyond individual consultations.

In the face of the challenges faced by our healthcare systems, your role becomes even more critical. Whether it be in rural communities or bustling urban centres, you are at the forefront, delivering preventive care, managing chronic conditions, and addressing emerging health concerns. You possess the unique ability to navigate the complexities of healthcare, providing personalised attention to promote wellness, detect early signs of illness, and offer timely interventions.

Today, let us acknowledge and celebrate the countless lives you have touched and the positive impact you have made within your communities. Your dedication and professionalism inspire confidence and foster a sense of security in patients, assuring them that they are in capable hands. Your unwavering commitment to patient-centred care exemplifies the very essence of the medical profession.

Thank you for your unwavering dedication, and may you continue to be a source of healing, comfort, and hope for countless individuals and families in your countries.

With the deepest appreciation,

Prof Shlomo Vinker
WONCA Europe President


A summary of the May Online WONCA Europe EB meeting:

The WONCA Europe Executive Board met online on Monday, 8 May 2023 for a regular monthly meeting.  Preparations for the WONCA Europe Brussels conference and council meeting are underway. The theme of the WONCA Europe Open Meeting...

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Rural Health Workforce on the European agenda

EURIPA was privileged to be invited to contribute to a WHO panel session during the Regional Meeting on Health and Care Workforce in Bucharest, Romania in March 2023. The meeting brought together a diverse group of over 200 key stakeholders...

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WONCA Europe Open Meeting 2023

The upcoming WONCA Europe Open Meeting will tackle the crucial role of face-to-face interactions in general practice amidst the rise of digital healthcare. With the theme "High touch versus high tech: the crucial role of face-to-face...

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EGPRN Fellowship Interview with Marija Zafirovska

The EGPRN offers fellowship program for primary care researchers who are early in their research careers, and who would like to be mentoring during a Zoom-based practical course on research skills. Here is the interview with one of...

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WONCA Europe support to the Rural Family Doctors' Association of Latvia

  Dr. Ainis Dzalbs, The vice-president of the Rural Family Doctors Association of Latvia WorldHealth Organization Europe, Regional DirectorDrHansHenriP.Kluge   European Commission, President Ursula von der...

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Workshop on "WONCA Europe and the EU Policies"

On 23 March an online workshop was held for Member Organisations and Wonca Europe Networks on "WONCA Europe and the EU Policies". The workshop was presented by Sara Ares Blanco and Raquel Gómez Bravo. During the workshop they...

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2023 European Forum on Prevention and Primary Care

"Greener Practices, Lifestyles and Planetary Health" and "Making Mental Health a Priority for Prevention: the Ethical Imperative" were the titles of two keynotes presented at the 2023 European Forum on Prevention and Primary...

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Lifestyle Medicine Group Launches New Miniwebsite

Lifestyle Medicine Group Special Interest Group of Wonca Europe, has announced the launch of their miniwebsite under the Wonca Europe website. The miniwebsite is designed to promote the benefits of lifestyle medicine among primary care physicians...

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New EQuiP Website Online!

We are delighted to tell you we have launched our new website at https://www.qualityfamilymedicine.eu/. With this new website our membership management is integrated into the website platform and will simplify your transactions, enabling you...

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Upcoming Events

EYFDM Preconference 2023
6-7 June 2023, Brussels, Belgium

28th WONCA Europe Conference
7-10 June 2023, SQUARE Convention Centre, Brussels, Belgium

3rd EURACT Medical Education Conference
5-7 October 2023, Bled, Slovenia

97th EGPRN Meeting
12-15 October 2023, Prauge, Czech Republic

12th EURIPA Rural Health Forum
19-21 October 2023, Călimănești-Căciulata-Romania

WONCA World Conference 2023
26-29 October 2023, International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney, Australia

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